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Hi Media Q10 Pro


Android Box IP TV




จำหน่าย Android Box , HD Player 

สอบถามโทร 085-378-3970,090-9624642 ( สอบถาม-สั่งซื้อ )

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HD Media Player -> Hi Media Q10 Pro

Hi Media Q10 Pro

5,290.00 ฿

รหัส : Hi media Q10 Pro ค่าจัดส่ง รวมค่าจัดส่งแล้ว
จำนวน :



รีวิว Review Hi media Q10 Pro 4k HDR


Android 5.1 OS


With Android 5.1 OS, the Q10 Pro better support 64 bit CPU, and improve system reliability,
memory allocations, power consumption as well as adopting material design UI with ART structure, ensure fast and smooth response.


4Kx2K Ultra Video Playback, Imprex 2.0 and Mali-720 GPU


Adopting huawei Hi3798C V200 chipsets with quad core 64 bit Cortex A53 CPU and Quad Core Mali-720 GPU,
Q10 Pro is capable of decoding and playing 4Kx2K@60fps ULTRAHD Videos, delivering 4 times resolutions as much as 1080p full HD. The Mali-720 GPU is approximately 5 times more
powerful than Mali-450. This 64 bit model with Hisilicon Imprex 2.0 ensures better picture clearance and more details via improved brightness, contrast, and color, promising users
unprecedented vivid or even real-like entertainment experience.

Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Audio


Q10 Pro supports DOLBY Digital Plus and DTS-HD downmix and passthrough.


H.265 Hardware Decoding


Q10 Pro also supports hardware decoding of H.265 video. Compared with H.264, H.265 doubles compression ration
at the same level of video quality. Besides, it transfers the same quality video data at half of the bandwidth,
which means users can enjoy the high resolution videos even at a low internet speed environment.



Both KODI with our wrapper and our self-developed video player app Media Center support full frame
packed 3D BD-ISO and 1:1 BI-ISO rips, with BD-lite menus allowing chapter and subtitle selection.

KODI Media Center


Q10 Pro comes with pre-installed KODI, with integral hardware video decoding, supports DTS-HD, 4K@60fps, 10 bit color, and 3D ISO support.

Google Play


The pre-installed Google Play Store allows easy reach of your favorite Apps.






Using Skype on the Q10 Pro to stay in touch with your families, relatives, and friends across the world.

Dual-band WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet



The Q10 Pro has dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) with a great high gain antenna
, gives the best possible reception and transfer rates. And the Gigabit LAN delivers ultra fast wired networking. Support remote wake up and standby via Ethernet.



Bluetooth 4.0


The Q10 Pro features Bluetooth 4.0, make sure low bandwidth, short range of two devices enabled to receive data.

Aluminum Case with 3.5" HDD Bay, LED Display and Smart Touch Key



The Q10 Pro aluminum case ensures high- efficient heat dissipation. The internal SATA
3.5" HDD bay allows simple installation of HDD without extra docking. LED Display shows network time and the
Smart Touch Key allows users to control the box without a remote.





Under the same Wireless LAN, AirPlay Streaming allows you to wirelessly stream media content from your iPhone,
iPad or iPod touch to your HDTV. AirPlay Mirroring cast exactly what's on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to everyone in the room. Sharing without any inconvenience.



Under the same Wireless LAN, Miracast wirelessly cast media contents from your mobile phone to your HDTV.



Under the same Wireless LAN, HiControl allows you to control your box via your mobile phone.



Under the same Wireless LAN, HiShare wireless real-time streaming your media content from Android devices.